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Camp Moremi build Nature Zone Lodge Construction and Finishing



Nature Zone is a specialist lodge construction company based in northern Botswana that was established in 2002 by Trevor Lindegger. The need for a locally based lodge construction company that was committed to quality design and construction was apparent, and Nature Zone has since its inception become renowned for its commitment to quality.

Nature Zone was established as a company that offers comprehensive, professional and transparent design and building solutions to the safari industry in Botswana, as well as offering a turn key solution in lodge and camp development.  Nature Zone also offers infrastructure maintenance packages for lodges and camps.

In order to facilitate our commitment to quality turn-key installations, we established our sister company, Canvas Zone, in 2007.  We have a fully equipped workshop in Maun, with a dedicated team of canvas tailors that specialises in the manufacture of custom tentage and seamstresses that cater to interior solutions, fabrics, mosquito nets and upholstery.

Nature Zone Lodge Construction Botswana

More recently we opened a solar division, that is driven by the desire to minimise our impact on both air and sound pollution in these pristine areas. By designing and building top-of-the-range off grid solar installations that can fully provide for the electrical requirements of the lodge, it not only reduces impact on environment but in the longer term offers significantly lower overheads on this commodity.  All installations are being constantly monitored remotely and, having highly qualified staff on the ground to assess and react quickly to any emergency breakdowns, peace of mind is assured to our clients.

Nature Zone also offers a full waste water management package, utilising the renowned EcoRock range of products that capture and treat the waste water to an acceptable standard for release back into the environment.  Not only are these European designed systems effective in the treatment of waste water, but they are one of exceptionally few products available that use little to no power in the treatment process, significantly reducing the requirement for electrical power in the process and making 100% solar an achievable goal.  


We pride ourselves on the long and mutually beneficial relationships we develop with our clients, the majority of whom we have worked for over many years and projects.  We are proud to offer these companies as a reference to our work and commitment.

Camp-Moremi-Main-Area Botswana
Savute-Safari-Lodge Botswana
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